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Infidelity Part 2: It's no one else's damn business

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

As a couples therapist, I have to keep things real. This may be difficult to hear for some of you who have been through infidelity: Do NOT tell anyone about the affair right away, whether you did the cheating or you were cheated on. The reason is because people are going to give you their opinion and they will definitely not be objective. Oh, and please don’t tell your kids. It’s not their business. It’s no one’s business.

The people in your orbit will take sides and things can get ugly fast.

Really, what I am saying is to give you and your partner the space and time to figure things out without having people in your ear.

I know there is so much pain in infidelity that you need someone to talk to, and seeing a therapist can help you sort things out.

Couples therapy can help you work through your emotions, figure out what you want to do, and determine how to end the marriage amicably if it comes to that. The decision about how to handle your marriage ultimately is between you and your partner. No one else gets a say.

If this topic interests you, go to for more resources on infidelity and other interesting topics regarding relationships and sexuality.

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