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about buckhead sex therapy

Hello, my name is Lisa Strube and welcome to Buckhead Sex Therapy. I hope you find a lot of things on my website that you can use in your own life. I am a therapist who’s had struggles of my own and therapy has helped me work through my self doubt and get to a better place. I'm a relationship therapist who understands that people are wired for connection and love and when we receive those things we thrive. That's one of the most beautiful things about being human. However, sometimes in those connections with others and the connections we have with ourselves there’s conflict.


And that's why I'm here to help. 


In the areas you struggle with like disability, relationships, trauma or sexuality, there are many ways to work through them and heal. Buckhead Sex Therapy is here to help.


We can help you feel unstuck from those situations. We've all been there and you have the possibility to change.

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lisa strube

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, CST, CRC


  • Sex Therapy

  • Marriage Counseling / Couples Counseling

  • Trauma

  • Disability

types of therapy

  • Brainspotting

  • Existential

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Gottman Method

  • Humanistic

  • Narrative

  • Person-Centered


  • Mercer University

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

qualifications & credentials

  • License and State: LPC010992 Georgia

  • AASECT member

  • Certified Sex Therapist

  • Certificate: Licensed Professional Counselors Association

After dealing with a car accident that left me with a physical disability, I learned the power of therapy and it changed my life. I want to help other individuals find their way after they experience hurdles in life.


I went to school at Mercer University and majored in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, which allowed me also to study mental health.


I worked with children as a therapist and did mental health assessments after I graduated in 2016. Then I worked for the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency to help individuals with disabilities go to college and find employment. 


I love helping people with disabilities, and also love being a counselor. I started private practice in 2019 and absolutely enjoyed doing couples therapy, sex therapy, and helping individuals work through trauma. I also find satisfaction helping individuals with depression and anxiety.


Private practice has gives me opportunities to learn ,grow, and  help my clients learn and grow.

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Find a Safe Space

Our Therapy Practice

We help you cope with disability, relationship issues, navigating through life changes, and dealing with matters of sexuality. We embrace all people regardless of disability, gender, sexual orientation, culture, or religion. We do not judge; we provide guidance, support, and a safe space to talk.

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Get Unstuck

Our Treatment Practice

Our focus is to give you tools to cope with the struggles of relationships and life through the most effective techniques that therapy has to offer. These tools can help you gain more understanding of yourself and how to break behaviors that keep you feeling stuck in the same situations.

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Find Hope Again

Our Patient Promise

We promise to be present and meet you where you are on your journey. Together, we will find solutions using successful scientific methods, the knowledge you bring about yourself, and our compassionate expertise. Our goal is to help you through bad times and find hope again. 

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