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So what is sex therapy and how does it help me?

Sex therapy is a form of counseling for those who are looking to improve intimacy, sexual health, and overall wellbeing. Explore relationship issues that might cause dysfunction in the bedroom. Work through shame and embarrassment caused by negative sexual experiences. It can also be used to enhance a stagnating or unfulfilling sex life.


Sex therapy is talk therapy.
There's no examining or touching in our sessions.


If you are having a problem with a part of your body that's causing you sexual dysfunction please see a medical doctor to determine if the cause is physiological.

how a sex therapist in atlanta can help you...

Conversations involving sex can quite often be uncomfortable to discuss openly. You might feel as if you’re the only one experiencing your issues. Perhaps you’re afraid of being judged by whatever it is you’re curious to discuss. Sex therapy helps couples and individuals overcome many of these challenges, by providing a non-judgemental space to work through the issues, guiding you to a better understanding of your sexualty while providing a more successful plan for treatment.


With an increasing understanding that sex therapy can bring to your life, a fulfilling love life and a more satisfying time in the bedroom is well within your reach.

Young Couple

What kinds of issues does Sex Therapy cover?

Here are some of the many ways sex therapy can add value to your life:


  • Deepen intimacy by adopting techniques provided by your therapist to try at home.

  • Improve sexual performance by better understanding and removal of barriers that may be inhibiting a more pleasurable sexual experience.

  • Enhance understanding of one another’s bodies to more confidently express your wants and desires in and outside of the bedroom.

  • Discover the roadmap to relationship success by exploring intimacy in your relationship.

Other sex therapy benefits


  • Exploring fantasies

  • Understanding your sexual orientation

  • Making peace with bad sexual experiences

  • Becoming more comfortable with your sexuality

  • Gaining valuable knowledge about sex to share with others

  • Having a healthier relationship with sex

  • Discovering new things that can give you and your partner(s) pleasure

  • Discovering your limits and setting boundaries, promoting a safe and positive environment, while exploring new sexual experiences with your partner(s)

  • Shedding feelings of shame or guilt and finding more confidence and pleasure in your sexual activity. 

  • Understanding porn and sex behaviors

  • Exploring the mental and emotional causes of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation

  • Understanding the causes of vaginismus and exploring the difficulties of not being able to orgasm


Why wait?

Having a good sex life is essential to having a happy life. Sometimes you may need help figuring out how to get there, and that’s okay because many people often do. Addressing the underlying feelings of anxiety, shame, guilt or any other negative feelings regarding sex will ultimately free you to fully experience one of the greatest pleasures in life. We are here to provide you with the knowledge, support and compassion to help you achieve a better sex life and encourage you to reach out to us to begin your journey.

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