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sex and disability

Life isn’t always easy with a physical disability. I should know - I have one. People often make assumptions about you and your disability and it can be frequently intimidating and overwhelming to meet someone new. That’s why I started a support group for people with disabilities who are interested in dating. There are compassionate and caring people out there who understand what you’re going through. I am as passionate about the work I do in this group setting as I am with the work I do with individuals.


and dating

Dating can be difficult even in the best of times. Putting yourself out there physically and emotionally is hard enough. Adding a disability or injury to the mix often makes it much harder. That’s why the group I started --The Dating Group -- is a skill and process group for people with disabilities or injuries, who are currently dating or thinking about starting. We talk about the available resources and provide you with the tools for building confidence and self-respect. We’ll process any reluctance you might have, alleviating insecurities and shedding anxiety, while sharing stories and suggestions that can improve your dating life.


join our group session, the dating group.

cost: up to $50 per session

Gay Couple Walking on Beach

Relationships and Disability, Injury, or Illness

Disability, injury, or illness can take its toll on any relationship. Partners may have difficulty dealing with the recurring challenges that they are often faced with. This doesn’t mean that the relationship can’t survive and get better. Counseling provides you with the opportunity to learn effective techniques that can diminish feelings of burdensomeness and instead enrich your everyday life. We understand how frustrating  living with a disability can be and with our knowledge in couples therapy and disability, we can help you better communicate your needs.

Disability and Sex Therapy

Living with a disability, injury or illness, doesn’t invalidate your sexual needs and desires. Let us help you by:


  • Providing you with education and counseling to understand your sexuality 

  • Providing you with opportunities to join groups that are meant to build confidence for dating and intimacy

  • Providing group or individual sessions for married couples dealing with disability, injury, or illness

  • Exploring any anxiety, frustration, or anger regarding sex or sexuality

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