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How A Therapist Deals With A Chaotic World

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Right now is an uncertain time for all of us. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing. It's a struggle to deal with so much at once. As a therapist, I have to really take care of myself emotionally and mentally so I can be there for my clients during this difficult time. How do I deal with uncertainty? Well, I'm glad you asked.

First, I try to find comfort in things that I can count on. Looking forward to Spaghetti Sundays with my husband each week, ending the day with some Netflix and wine, always knowing that my husband will hold my hand each night when I hug him from behind while he brushes his teeth. These are just a few things that I cherish in my life.

Find the constants in your life. These are the things that you have control over. recognizing what they are can also give you comfort.

Meditation is very helpful too. I find myself more centered and at peace after meditating. Headspace is such a wonderful app you can use to feel balanced. Learning to calm your mind while breathing deeply can be a game changer in your life.

One last thing that has helped me is connecting with others. Connection helps us survive and thrive. We are not alone in this. We are all struggling, worried, depressed because the world is a chaotic place right now. Reach out to someone who gets you. Be a good listener to someone you love. That's what will get us through this. Hope this helps. Thank you for reading.

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