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Couples Counseling: The Challenges of Relationships

As you probably already know, relationships can be difficult.  I see the difficulties people face in couples counseling. Nevertheless, sharing your thoughts, feelings, and life with someone you love can also be one of your greatest experiences. I have clients who tell me, "We had a few really good days and I don't want to mess it up by saying something." This is a very fragile situation to be in and is not sustainable. Eventually, one of you is going to say something to set off an argument.

I tell clients that arguments are normal in relationships. What we need to work on in couples counseling is being able to communicate respectfully and effectively so you are able to work through your issues. Being able to communicate this way will give you the security you need to not be afraid of disagreements.

You want to be heard and your partner wants to be heard. Giving each other the space to speak and listen is the first step of rebuilding a connection. 

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