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Burning Flame

Sex Therapy Session

  • 50 min
  • $180
  • Secure Video Conferencing

Service Description

Be a better lover. Take an honest look at your wants and desires, free from any anxiety or embarrassment holding you back from better sex, increased confidence, and a deeper more lasting intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. What kinds of issues does Sex Therapy cover? ​ Here are some of the many ways sex therapy can add value to your life: Deepen intimacy by adopting techniques provided by your therapist to try at home. Improve sexual performance by better understanding and removal of barriers that may be inhibiting a more pleasurable sexual experience. Enhanced understanding of one another’s bodies to more confidently express your wants and desires in and outside of the bedroom. Discover the roadmap to relationship success by exploring intimacy in your relationship. Other sex therapy benefits: Exploring fantasies Understanding your sexual orientation Making peace with bad sexual experiences Becoming more comfortable with your sexuality Gaining valuable knowledge about sex to share with others Having a healthier relationship with sex Discovering new things that can give you and your partner(s) pleasure Discovering your limits and setting boundaries, promoting a safe and positive environment, while exploring new sexual experiences with your partner(s) Shedding feelings of shame or guilt and finding more confidence and pleasure in their sexual activity. Understanding porn and sex behaviors Exploring the mental and emotional causes of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation Understanding the causes of vaginismus and exploring the difficulties of not being able to orgasm

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a call, please contact us 24 hours in advance. To cancel or reschedule a session, please contact us 48 hours in advance.

Contact Details


49 Lenox Pointe Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30324, USA

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