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Relationship Therapy: Why Date Nights are Important

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Life gets hectic. Work gets stressful. The kids need your help. Sometimes intimacy isn't on the list of priorities. As a Couples, Relationship, and Sexuality Therapist, I'm telling you that intimacy definitely needs to be on your list of priorities. In relationship therapy, I always give homework to help couples connect. One way to rekindle the fire is an old-fashioned date night. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. You decide.

You can wait until the kids go to sleep and connect for an hour by the fireplace with a beverage of your choice. Or you can ask someone you trust to babysit and make a night out by going to your favorite restaurant (One that follows Coronavirus regulations, of course!) or take a walk in your favorite area of the city.

The purpose of a date night is to have fun, laugh, reconnect, talk about things that are on your mind. Also, being able to laugh and appreciate the life you share together on a regular basis can help strengthen your relationship against daily stresses and frustration. One of my joys being a sex therapist is seeing couples create a stronger bond where they can turn to each other during good times and bad. This can be done just by making time for each other every week.

Having a loving relationship with your partner where you show fondness and support is the best thing for your children to see and learn from.

You will be surprised how much impact a weekly date night each week can have on your relationship and what it does for everyone in the household.

So, here are some ideas:


-Netflix night

-Scrabble with adult beverages

-farmer's market


Here is an article that has so many great ideas for dating during Covid-19.

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