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Sex Therapy: The Power of Touch

What do you think the most important sense is? No, it's not vision.  It is touch.

Let me demonstrate how important touch is. If a baby is not held regularly for long periods of time, then it will not be able to feel safe and loved throughout its life. For individuals who are not used to someone touching their bodies, they can easily cry when a massage therapist puts their hands on them for the first time. When adults go live in an assisted living home, they yearn for touch because it is how people connect.

Sex therapy and couples counseling can educate individuals to reconnect through touching. Gentle touching can be the first step in a trusting, pleasurable sexual experience.  The power of touch should not be underestimated. Remember having bad days and some caring individual gave you a hug? At that moment, you knew someone cared. How about holding your loved one in bed after not seeing them for a few days? That embrace probably felt amazing.

Touch is a powerful thing that helps us feel loved and safe. We must use it wisely. When someone you love is in distress, a touch on the arm can be more comforting than words. I plan to write more blogs on this subject. Stay tuned.

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