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Sex Therapy: Hi, I'm a Sex Therapist.

I love my work as a Sex Therapist. However, when people ask me what I do, I'm very careful with my words. I would tell people that I am a Sex Therapist and most people don't know what to say after that. Now I tell people that I'm a Couples, Relationship, and Sexuality Therapist. People respond to this by saying that it's cool. 

My job is awesome. I want to tell you some things I do because sex therapy covers many things. One thing I do is work with couples who might need help with communication, or even how to be better in the bedroom. (See how broad sex therapy is?) Another example of what a Sex Therapist does is help clients with trauma. In the area of sex therapy, trauma is a big part. I have had extensive training for trauma. Many people don't associate trauma with sex therapy. That's okay because now you know and you can tell others. 

One other thing I would like to mention is my group therapy for people with disabilities. The group will be focused on having the skills and confidence to put yourself out there in the dating world. I am very excited about it. Tell anybody who might be interested.

Did you also know that sex therapy covers disabilities? Sex therapy also focuses on how people with disabilities can have better sex lives.

Hi, I'm a Sex Therapist, and these are just some of the things that I am honored to do.

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