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Couples Counseling

Many therapists are hesitant to practice couples counseling. There are many good reasons for this. A majority of the time, couples wait until things get extremely bad before seeking help. ures.

When this happens, there is a large amount of resentment and anger. With couples counseling, there are many tools to help couples communicate and reconnect.

These tools are not hard to learn, but using them when a couple is in the heat of an argument is challenging. The goal for couples is to hear what each other is saying and to understand each other's needs. 

Of course, some couples decide to separate when they are in counseling. Another important thing to know is that couples counseling can help you separate amicably so it is easier on the family to deal with these changes. A therapist can also help you find resources if you are financially struggling during this period of time.

Couples therapy is challenging, but it is satisfying to help people move past anger and resentment to a better place for the couple and their family.

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