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begin the

healing process

Experience a more authentic partnership, fulfilling love life, and a more satisfying time in the bedroom.

what is sex therapy?

Taking those first steps towards talking about sexual and relationship concerns isn’t always easy. Often there are feelings of shame, anxiety, or even isolation, when we cannot find a safe place to express ourselves openly and honestly, free from judgement.


You don’t have to feel that way anymore...


As a sex therapist in Atlanta, Lisa Strube is here to guide you toward a better more personal understanding of your sexuality and how to transform that knowledge into a fulfilling love life and more deeply satisfying time in the bedroom.

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Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, CRC

Life, relationships, and sexuality can be challenging to navigate at times. Feeling stuck in a problem can start a cycle of frustration that’s often difficult to break with the insight and life skills that you have often come to rely on in the past. Sometimes being too close to the problem can even prevent you from catching the warning signs you might otherwise recognize.

I am here to help. Together, we’ll develop a therapeutic partnership to identify the issues and discover insights that will provide us with a roadmap that will establish your best treatment options.

I also understand disability. Life, and sexuality, can often be made more complicated by your disability. As both a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor, I have the training and experience to provide a more finely nuanced approach to disability therapy as well as an abundance of knowledge and resources to aid you in your healing.

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Knowing your relationship is worth it will get your through the tough times.

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